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We're a traditional barbershop with a bit of "modernism", focusing on precision men's haircuts and shaves. While visiting, enjoy free Wi-Fi, plenty of men's magazines, a cup of coffee or a soda and be sure not to leave without picking up some grooming products made just for men.

About Tracey: I'm a thrid generation Barber. After a 20 year career as a dental assistant, I began following in my family's footsteps and fulfilled my dream of owning my own shop just as my father & grandfather did.
With two other professionally trained barbers, we can provide you with professional, top notch male grooming services.
We are Bowling Green, Kentucky's premiere gentleman's barber shop, offering traditional mens' grooming. Services including haircuts, shampoos, precision shaves, facials and shoulder massage. We use Men-U Shave & Skin-Care System, ultra-concentrated shaving and skin & hair products made just for men!

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